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Home events The B-Team Live: Opening Night Jitters

The B-Team Live: Opening Night Jitters

Published on January 17, 2011 by in events

Holy Shit! The B-Team is going live on Allgames this Friday night! How the hell did this happen? Are we really going to be able to do this? Wow, we really pulled this off!

These thoughts woke me from a sound sleep. A maelstrom of emotions washed over me and refused to let me return to my nocturnal slumber.

It’s been an amazing year and a half. We started as a one-off show to fill in when Videogame Outsiders took a week off. Otto and Chris came up with the idea; I offered to jump in. None of us had really spoken to each other, or knew much about the other two. The “planning” for the show was minimal and we just hit record and went with it. This unrehearsed vibe is still a huge part of the show a year and a half later. Despite my misgivings about going to a four man crew, Otto insisted and brought in Ryan, who has only strengthened the show. Otto left (he wasn’t fired) and Geoff joined us, adding a bit of journalistic integrity to the lunacy. The original vibe of the show remains. Four dudes, hangin’ out and talkin’ ’bout games n’ shit.

So how are we gonna do this live? Well, we already have. We have had the great fortune to be able to fill in for VGO on a number of occasions. We dealt with some of the of the technical issues, and at least are going into the live gig with some idea of what to expect. We have a great slot that allows us to run over, since we almost never get a show done in under two hours (which really drives me bat-shit crazy). We have brought in listeners to join us live. It really shouldn’t be a big deal. The only thing we are truly giving up is the flexibility of recording at convenient time for all. In the past, if someone couldn’t make it on Thursday night, we would switch to Wednesday night or such. At the same time, having a firm night allows us to plan for it in advance. Also, the benefit of having four means one of us can take a week off from time to time and the show can still go forward. Besides, we have an awesome list of fill-in hosts to choose from.

I still can’t believe this is happening! I also think the four of us have a lot to be proud of. We have been able to cover most of the big gaming events in the last two years, including attending E3, which is something I never dreamed I would actually be able to attend. We did three awesome shows from LA, and I’ll never forget the final show in the midst of Lakers riot with Fred, Jake, and Wesley. We have been able to talk with gaming luminaries and have them join us on the show. We have forged alliances with other podcasts and have made some great friends by doing so We have developed a listener base that really digs what we offer each week. Am I proud of the show? Damn straight I am!

Of course, we didn’t do it alone. There are a ton of people to thank. Personally, the top of my list is my wife, Diane. She has encouraged this venture and has been there from the beginning. She has figured out how to afford the trips and gadgets and tech. She has also become a decent camera woman for our YouTube videos. My bosses at the real job, Joe and Sonja. Joe has offered encouragement and constructive criticism, and also encouraged us to start making YouTube videos. Sonja, for allowing me time off to attend E3 and chase the dream. Of course there is Videogame Outsiders, who have provided us with room on their site and allowed us the opportunity to fill in and do live shows from time to time: Michelle, Kyle and…. John – thanks for the support and the recommendation for the time slot! We wouldn’t be doing this without our listeners. We have developed a dedicated and active listener base and truly appreciate every one of them. Their comments have certainly shaped the show over the last 85 episodes. It really is an awesome feeling reading reviews or getting messages via twitter or xbox live offering encouragement. Finally, there are my co hosts; Chris, Ryan, Geoff…and even Otto. How four guys from such different backgrounds can get together each week and have a relatively civil conversation for two hours befuddles me. It truly is something I look forward to each week.

So, yeah, we’re doing this live thing! I’m not sure how the hell we got here or where the hell it’s going, but that’s been the heart of The B-Team thus far. We certainly have the tools in place, and are surrounded by a great community. It should be a wild trip, and I hope you join us.

I have a feeling I won’t be getting any sleep until Saturday…..

Chip Cella

Executive Editor/Co Host

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