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Home events PAX East 2013: Guncraft Interview

PAX East 2013: Guncraft Interview


I’ll be honest, when I first saw Guncraft, I thought it was simply trying to capitalize on the Minecraft name and art style but after playing the game myself, I’ll give the developer credit on making what is a pretty fun game. The easiest way to describe the game is Call of Duty meets Minecraft, but it goes beyond just the art style of Minecraft. In Guncraft you can the maps are completely destructible. If someone in a tank has you pinned down behind a tower, you best be looking for a solution other than just trying to wait him out as the tank can literally chip away blocks of the tower by shooting at it, destroying your cover in the process. In the same way, you can use your gun to shoot and remove blocks from the ground creating a small trench in which to give yourself more cover from an enemy firing at you across the map. The block style also allows for you to create ascending platforms to act as stairs to access higher areas of the maps. There’s more differences from Minecraft as well, so be sure to check out the video and the beta on their site for more information.

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