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How to swap out your Playstation 4 Hard Drive

You guys asked, we’re here to oblige.  Once you see how it’s done you probably won’t want to give me much credit, but it really is all about the one who takes the plunge and potentially bricks their system first, right?  Here’s a video demonstrating how to swap out your PS4 hard drive.

Please Note: Your initial startup of the PS4 requires files and the OS found on the system’s original hard drive.  It is possible to swap the hard drive before ever powering on the system, but you will want the Sony PS4 1.50 update patch downloaded onto a USB drive first.  If you do this, you will want to have the drive ready and power up your system in safe mode by holding down the power button for 7 seconds and insert the drive when prompted.  As the instructions indicate, you need to make a “PS4” folder in the root of the drive and make a second folder “UPDATE” in your PS4 folder.  The actual update will go in the “UPDATE” folder.  We were not able to get this method to work right away and opted instead to update automatically through the PS4 firmware on the original drive and then swap the drive out.

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