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Countdown to the PS4: Preparation Guide

We are here, the moment has arrived.  In less than 12 hours we, as well as any crazy enough to do a midnight launch on this cold night, will have a Playstation 4 in hand.  By this time tomorrow the numbers will be even higher and the PS4 frenzy will be under way.  Stay tuned this weekend for some content from us regarding the Playstation 4, but rest assured we aren’t going to bombard you with endless content.  Also be sure to tune in tonight when we discuss our favorite games of the Playstation 3.


For the final day of the PS4 countdown, we figured a quick prep guide for those picking up the new system would be a good idea.  Below are some suggestions about things you can do to prepare for your new PS4 (if you are buying one) so you don’t have to do it during the initial setup of your system or so that you are prepared when you finally get it home.

  • Clear a space in advance:  Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  At the same time you may have used up all your HDMI ports, optical sound ports, or even ethernet ports on your router and be forced to move something or change your setup.  While waiting for the midnight launch or for your system to arrive in the mail tomorrow, why not make sure there is a clear an clean space for your new console. 
  • Have your accounts ready and sign up for what you want:  Do you remember your PSN e-mail and password?  How about your twitch account?  Netflix?  While the latter probably won’t be affected by the PS4 launch, I wouldn’t want to try recovering my PSN login details after midnight EST tonight for about 24 hours.  Get those things ready and have them written down so you can tether your account to your new console quickly and easily.  After all, you need a PSN account registered on the system to get online and download the required day one patch.
  • ps4-cameraGet Needed Accessories:  PS4 is expensive, there’s just no getting around it.  Fortunately Sony has made it easy for you to get a 30 day membership to PSN+ included in the box, along with $10 PSN cash for getting started.  In order to play online you’re going to need PSN+ moving forward, so why delay the inevitable and just get plus right now.  Setup is quick and easy, you can pick up a pre-paid card when you get your system (or at most local big box or games retailers), and there are plenty of PS3/Vita benefits as well.  If you activate now you won’t have to worry about it again for 13 months, why not right?  Extra controllers may also be a good idea.  Sony has made it quite easy to get your hands on the Dualshock 4 but just in case the one in the box is faulty, you have a friend come over, or get a bit too pissed off with a game it’s probably a good idea to have a second one on hand.  If you are thinking about taking advantage of voice activated functionality and adding footage of yourself in a window of your streamed gameplay footage, you may want the poorly marketed Sony camera as well.  Granted, each of these items is $50-$60, and you’re already shelling out a stack of cash for the system, but if you can afford it they are worthwhile to have ready to go.
  • Games: You’ll be able to get by without buying any games, but there are ways to currently get your hands on launch games on the cheap.  ac4-black-flagNot only will your included PSN+ get you Resogun and Contrast right away, but if you’ve already bought Flower and/or Sound Shapes you can get the upgraded versions of those free as well (they also cross-buy to the PS3/Vita/PS4 if available when you pick them up on any other console).  These are great freebies, but you probably want some big budget titles to show off the strength of your console at launch.  With exclusive games like shooter Killzone Shadow Fall and platformer Knack alongside next gen versions of Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV, Need for Speed Rivals, and many more, the launch is not as rough as you may initally think.  Make it even easier on yourself by picking up the Buy 2 Get 1 promotion at Target and for $120 you can have 3 launch titles day one.  Even some of the games that are either sold out or harder to find can be picked up on PS3 and use your $10 included promo to upgrade and get a digital version on the PS4 (this is not the recommended method of getting the game unless you have an interest in having it on both consoles).  Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed 4, and Battlefield 4 all have this option right out of the box (you will need the included code from a new copy and a PS3 copy of the game in your PS4 to play, however).  Not many are talking about it, but there is even an updated version of DC Universe Online available at launch, which is a free-to-play MMO that is currently on PCs and PS3.  There are also attached promotions for those that pre-ordered through Amazon, GameStop, and a couple other retailers, so check your inbox for potential deals leading up to tonight or tomorrow’s launch.  You may have a promo code or trade-in deal you want to take advantage of.
  • Memory concerns:  Remember that the PS4 has a 500 GB hard drive, which may be plenty for the average gamer despite getting adjusted to deleting the games you aren’t currently playing.  Others, like myself, at least want a jump start on extra memory to delay the inevitable purge we will all have to do this gen.  With the requirements of a hard drive that is at least 160 GB, 2.5″ SATA laptop standard, and no more than 9.5mm (0.37″) thick, your replacement hard drive options are quite limited.  It’s mostly 1 TB hard drives at launch, although I think there is the occassional 1.5 TB that weighs in at twice the price, and within the next few months we will see the first 9.5 mm 2 TB drive that will probably run you $200+.  Still, a 1 TB replacement drive can be picked up around $60-$90 at MicroCenter, Amazon, or New Egg to replace out of the gate.  We will have a feature on the easy process of swapping out your hard drive sometime this weekend. 


And that’s about it.  Just a few things to think about before picking up your PS4 within the next 24 hours.  Please note that the console does come with the aforementioned PSN+ 30 day membership and a $10 PSN voucher along with the free DC Universe Online, so a core purchase of only the console will still leave you with 4+ games ready to play right out of the box.  At the same time, we wouldn’t want you to get home at 12:30 am tonight and realize you forgot something you’d like right away.  You can also check out Sony’s massive FAQ on the console if you need to kill some time.  Check out the B-Team tonight as we bid adeu to the PS3 and prepare for the first of two major launches exactly one week apart!

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