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Home news The B-Team Games of the Year Show for 2013

The B-Team Games of the Year Show for 2013

Published on January 14, 2014 by in news


As you may or may not know, this Thursday (January 16) we are hosting our games of the year episode of The B-Team, also known as the Ball Gaggies, and we want you to join us. Come and hang out in the chat on Allgames.com live at 9ET and if you’d like to join us on the show, we’ll be bringing listeners in as well. To do so, pick a category from the list below that you’d like to come on and discuss with us, then send it to us either by email or in the comments below (categories will be distributed first come, first serve). We’ll either confirm your choice or ask you to choose another if the one you picked is already taken, and give you the Skype handle you will need to add to your Skype list. Then on Thursday night, we will call you at the respective time during the show to discuss the category you have chosen. In addition to your category, we ask that you be ready to share with use your game of the year.

The categories are:

  • Downloadable game of the year –
  • Console game of the year –
  • Handheld game of the year (DS/3DS, PSP/Vita) –
  • iPhone/Android game of the year –
  • PC game of the year –
  • Most Overlooked game –
  • Most Overrated game –
  • Best Sequel/ Latest Franchise entry –
  • Best new original game (no sequels yet) –
  • Best Game Not from 2013 that you played –
  • Disappointment of the Year –
  • Best character –
  • Best story –
  • Best music in game –
  • Console of the Year –
  • Best looking game(based on visual style and/or graphics) –
  • Best WTF/special/surprise moment of the year –


Thanks for listening and we’ll see you Thursday!

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