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PAX Prime 2015: BroForce Preview (Yes, another one…)


As part of a packaged deal with Devolver appointments, I had to subject myself yet again to another demo of Broforce.  It’s a fantastic game, bron’t get me wrong, but it has been in development the fluffer’s booth for so long and shown off waved its wang about so many times that I just couldn’t imagine that anything substantial had been added to the game.  I was wrong.

broforce_tact_updateImmediately I was introduced to a Bro of a man, wearing nothing but an outfit made from the blood and flesh of his enemies.  After mowing down on an MRE and a swig of whiskey we were bro-ught to our knees at the sight of a display that must have been 15-20 feet high.  No, seriously bro, it was huge.  Nestled into padded benches that may as well have been luxury recliners, the four of us (me and 3 other bros) were dropped into a top secret military base in the middle of a jungle somewhere we didn’t know.  Each of us received animated inbros that didn’t really do anything other than make us feel badass.  Then the killing started.  I don’t know if it was us killing them, them killing us, or most likely us killing each other, but blood and explosions were all I saw.  It was chaotic, it was stupid, it was fucking Broforce.  This new party mode didn’t have a name – personally I suggest brokake – but it was a super frantic mess of a level that just kept giving.

broforce_teamForget goals, bosses, living, or even helping each other out, this was every bro for themselves, even though the game did seem to suggest teamwork.  Screw that, there’s no “team” in “bro,” I checked, they don’t even share one letter.  Instead it was brutal race to get to the chopper before the other bros took off, and often times we were climbing the bodies of both enemies and fallen comrades to get a chance at being diced by that rotating propeller.  Free Lives Games has thought of everything, even the fact that when you lose all your lives you are dropped out of the game conveniently until the precise moment it takes for one to grab a brew from the fridge and return.  This period of time also can extend to a quick run to bathroom, provided you were smart enough to build your crapper close to your gaming lair.  We have no idea whether or not this fantastic new brode will ever show itself in the game – the bro who played with me didn’t know, but again he was kinda sketch – but if nothing else I’ll have that sweet sweet memory of the best 30 minutes of my life.  Much like my one-off with that toothless hooker in a drunk tank, I’ll always have the brotastic memory from PAX Prime to latch onto for those slow nights.


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