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Home asides Solved: ReCore Crashing To Desktop Issue on Windows 10

Solved: ReCore Crashing To Desktop Issue on Windows 10

Published on October 7, 2016 by in asides
ReCore Horizontal Key Art

ReCore Horizontal Key Art

Those of you listeners out there have most likely heard me go through a world of hell regarding ReCore on Windows 10.  My issue ended up being that my PC setup profile corrupted when saving to the cloud and then the corrupted profile was present in the cloud without a way to remove it.  Thanks to lots of research, and some help from another user on Reddit, we were finally able to solve the problem.  I’ve posted the link so that we don’t have to go into it in an article, which can be found here.  It seemed foolish to not share on the site after I fixed this problem.  The instructions have solutions for both those with an Xbox One and a PC as well as a different solution for those only on PC.

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