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Home editorial Burn it, Burn it with Fire: Mock Up Controllers

Burn it, Burn it with Fire: Mock Up Controllers

Published on April 25, 2011 by in editorial

When E3 is right around the corner and a new console is being revealed, we see an increase in “Mock Up” controllers flying through the internet at high rates of speed.  With Nintendo just announcing that their “Wii Successor” will be revealed this year, I have already seen some ridiculous artist renditions of the rumored controller.

From six inch touch screens, to motion controls, and more, this new-fangled device could be anything.  So internets, stop thinking you know everything for a minute and show some restraint.  I could care less what you think Nintendo’s controller looks like in your collective mind.  Yes, I get it, you want to drive traffic to your site, but how can you say that yours is the best “mock up” above them all.

This is why I say, please, loyal B-Team listeners, let me know what you think about my thoughts on the subject.  Are you one who would also like them to burn in a fire?  Or do you feel like they are something that adds to the already large amount of hype out there?  Or are you the one creating them…stop it…no, seriously, please stop.


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  • I personally am incredibly sick of rumors, speculation and analysts “predicting” the outcome of stuff. I don’t even open articles if the title ends in a question mark, or the like.

  • kokootto

    They never get it right.What you see now will change by the time it comes out.