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Home editorial Mountain out of a Molehill: Mercenaries 3D

Mountain out of a Molehill: Mercenaries 3D

Published on June 29, 2011 by in editorial
Mercenaries 3D Title Screen

Why do you hate us?

Today marks the release of another Resident Evil game, this time in its first appearance on 3DS with Mercenaries 3D.  Comprised of a collection of mini games from various iterations of Resident Evil and the cell phone game, this title looks to have addictive replay value.  From what I’ve heard it’s purely about topping high scores as you play a cavalcade of RE characters on various locales of the series. 

Unfortunately this game has been shadowed controversy and instead of talking about how good or bad the game is, online trolls and journalists alike are deciding to instead talk about its save data (no, really).  You see, there’s no way to delete the autosave on Mercenaries…ever…even if you get rid of the game.  So what do you lose?  I’m guessing if there are any unlocks, they will be permanently unlocked and thus you can’t re-complete the challenges, as well as overall playtime and of course, high scores.  In a game such as this, I can see why a gamer’s initial reaction is to freak out, but once you take a deep breath and calm down you’ll discover that these outlandish complaints are truly and utterly bullshit. 

There are three main reasons people are bitching: used game sales, a personal sense of ownership and setting a precedence.  Before I delve into these subjects I just want to mention that Capcom has responded by stating that this is not to harm the gamer or an attempt to attack used game sales.  They claim that the save data is on the cartridge and thus cannot be affected.  That blinking light in the back of your head is the bullshit detector going off, especially since one of the oldest versions of game saving was on the cart and we’ve always had the ability to delete it.  At the same time, perhaps the architecture of the 3DS cart is different; maybe Nintendo doesn’t allow access to the cart save data and Capcom discovered this late in development.  Perhaps it was a decision from the developers to keep any and all records based on how this game operates and plays – purely on high score progression – and a stupid PR person decided that this pathetic excuse was a better explanation.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter because the game is out and you can’t affect the save data, so stop bitching.


Why are we fighting? We need to stick together in this man!

As for the complaints, just like the reason for the save data, it’s just a bunch of bullshit.  First of all, who really thinks that this iteration of Resident Evil, which has no real media promotion and no one is familiar with on top of an M rating, is really going to move many copies on 3DS?  Furthermore, with a lack of initial sales, there won’t be many used game trade-ins and it won’t be in high demand as a used title.  No friends, those complaining have no intention of ever buying Mercenaries 3D, used or otherwise, and those that will – think the little snot-nosed kid who gets everything and whose stupid ass mother will buy him a game like this despite its rating – won’t ever notice or care about the save data.  This is a game about replaying the same level over and over again like a Pac-Man cab.  If we were talking about the save data of Ocarina of Time or even a game with a plot and campaign, I could understand the concern, but no one gives a fuck what you’ve already done in Mercenaries.

Then there’s those selfish little shits who want a sense of ownership.  These are the assholes who make you log out of their Xbox Live before playing Black Ops on their console because you might fuck up their priceless kill-to-death (KTD) ratio.  Well you know what, ownership guy, fuck you.  My KTD is better than yours anyway, so you’d be lucky to have me play on your shitty gamertag.  But the reason he doesn’t want you playing on the cart isn’t his KTD, it’s because any records you set on his tag will be there until he can beat it (which he can’t).  He will forever see that his largest kill streak is 25 and the person who got it wasn’t him, but an “alien” player that tarnished his precious 8 kill streak.  For those that remember the arcade, this is exactly how it has always been.  If I walked up to Donkey Kong and the high score was like 350,000 points, I couldn’t go up to the manager and demand they reset the high score.  Tough shit, beat the high score and then it’ll disappear.  Furthermore, once you top it then you can proudly play king of the hill, just like back in the day, the score is you staking your claim.  That makes me want to get my hands on a pre-played copy just so I can conquer the score just like I used to with Donkey Kong at the local pizza joint.  Too many gamers are little whiney bitches these days and are too used to getting a used game, wiping the save, and pretending that they bought the game new.  This argument holds even less water because the MSRP on the game is a lousy 40 bucks, if you care that much just buy the fucking thing new.

Then there’s the big government conspiracy: Capcom is currently joining the many ranks of companies like EA to eliminate the evil empire known as used game sales.  Yeah fucking right.  If I’m Capcom and want to go balls to the wall to eliminate used game sales, I think I’d pick a better initial title than a mini game collection released in the summer on the drowning 3DS.  They’re a Japanese company people, which means that things like a progressive untouchable high score is something Japan can appreciate but America can’t (or maybe not since the Japanese version is selling for like 1,000 yen).  That doesn’t excuse it and I’m not saying to buy it, just don’t write off your excuse for not buying it to be some grandiose political statement against game saves.  When a company blatantly says, “we aren’t doing this to combat used games,” then you should probably take it for face value – it’s stupidity or laziness and not actual malice. 

As it stands this is going to be the biggest deal on the planet for probably another 24 minutes.  After that, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D controversy will be forgotten as will the game itself.  If GameStop and others like it really think that this is an attack on the used game market, why don’t you let them decide not allow the game to be traded in.  It doesn’t violate your rights as a game purchaser to get this game new without the knowledge that if you ever do decide to sell it used that a major used game seller won’t accept it.  Who do you think you are?  This is a fucking business people.  As for the selfish assholes who don’t like to see someone else’s score or the pompous assholes who think they’re fighting a battle that’s as valid as the war on drugs, just stop.  You’re embarrassing gamers and insulting Capcom.  If you’re going to stand on a soapbox about a game in the future, pick one that will be more significant and relevant.

Whiny Bitch

-Spydersvenom (Fred)

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