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CES 2012: A World of Tomorrow

With Las Vegas turning into a technical mecca next week during the Consumer Electronics Show, myself and Gadgetman will be on our pilgrimage.  This being both our first time at the show, we have no idea what to expect in terms of video games, but tech wise; that is another story.  Think about it, all the major electronics corporations all in one place.  I hope to get a tan from all the LCD, OLED and all other types of screens.  These showing me all the ridiculous colors and pixel rations I can dream up.  I hope that we can cover the entire show floor, including all the new handsets, ultrabooks and even the strange oddities found in the depth of the massive Las Vegas Convention center.

For me, I am most interested in what the big guys are showing in terms of the television market.  With the new 4K format (double 1080P) coming soon, I want to see the beauty of it.  Along with this sector comes the proliferation of the newer OLED format of TVs.  I have seen this week that a 55 inch version of this TV will be shown by LG.  We have also seen in the weeks leading up to the show some massive consumer TVs, 85 inch, and larger.  I cannot wait to see them all.

In terms of video games, obviously the main hardware manufacturers will be there, Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo!  No news has leaked out yet, other than Nintendo will be showing off more of its Wii U hardware.  I hope to finally get some hands on time with that new controller.  This being Microsoft’s last CES showing, I assume they will be going out with a bang.  Hopefully this can bring some great news in terms of Windows 8 and even the next piece of Xbox hardware.  Hopefully there will be a few publishers around, usually Capcom has some good tidbits to share about their upcoming releases.  As for the small guys, I can see all sorts of crazy peripherals for every kind of hardware imaginable.  Hopefully we can check those out as well.

The phone market, outside of Apple, should be as competitive as ever.  With Google’s new Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich should be very popular this year on hundreds of cool handsets.  Also quad core phones should also be quite popular, but how the hell can those be good on battery.  I hope to ask a ton of questions to everyone that has these to show.

What else do we plan on seeing? As much as physically possible during the 3-4 day show.  From washing machines to cars and then phones to houses!  I hope you all share your questions and news to us on twitter.  Make sure to follow us to for up to the second news and pictures of the show floor.  I can’t wait to get deep into all of the outstanding products to see.  We will also be bringing some wrap up shows during the show and of course all the details on the following week’s live episode.





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